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ContactScraper is a python script that can scrape and extract every email addresses and phone number from .pdf, .doc .csv .excel or any other text based file.  ContactScraper is light weight enough to run inside of IDLE but still powerful enough to extract tens of thousands of email addresses and phone numbers of any format, even from hundred page long pdf files.

ContactScraper uses the pyperclip module to use, so if you do not have pyperclip installed with your version of python, you should use the PIP tool to install pyperclip.
To use ContactScraper or any other pyperclip based scraper, simply open the file you want to scrape and press ctrl+a to highlight all of the text, then copy it to your clipboard with ctrl+C
Once the text you want to mine is in your clipboard, run ContactScraper in IDLE.  Then open excel, notepad++, your email editor of choice or wherever you want to send the extracted data and press ctrl v.  All of the extracted phone numbers and email will be pasted from your clipboard in a line by line format optimized for spreadsheet.  What would take a secretary days of copying and pasting can be accomplished in seconds with ContactScraper
This VBA Generator will identify the environment in which an excel file was created or edited in. This was designed to be used in conjunction with MS access to easily identify who worked on what.