How To Make Good TV_Draft

Unlike movies which are designed with spectacle to make you leave your house and sit with people you don’t know and buy overpriced popcorn all because you HAVE to see what you saw in the trailer on the big screen, TV serves a different purpose.
It is meant to keep you company during the work year and hang out with you for 22 weeks and then fuck off during the summer and do it again next year.
The budget for a Studio Movie like Justice League is 200 million for 2 hours. For The Flash or Supergirl TV Shows they spend 4 million an episode and have to do 22 hours for 92 million.
So they can’t rely on special effects, they can show the flash run and supergirl fly but thats only about a third of it.  They can’t make every shot visual perfection.
So to make good TV you need the 3 H’s
Heart, Heroics, Humor
Heart is the characters relating to one another.  You care about them and you care about their relationships.  The more time you spend with them, the more you care.
Humor is pretty self explanatory, they usually have some clever dialouge or physical comedy written into the script.  It may not be knee slamming gut busting but it is enough for you to stick around.
Heroics, sooner or later the flash is gonna solve all his problems by running really fast and thats what some people tune in for.  A little taste of that visual flavor you will get in the movie theater.  Not as much as a movie, not as perfect, but a little taste.
And because the VFx can’t hold up to a movie, you have to REALLY make people love the characters, and because the story is 22 hours you can go deep into the lives of those characters.
In TV they finish an episode 3 days before it goes to air.  Movie schedules are much more leisurely and most of the heavy lifting is done by VFx guys behind a computer screen.
So why are the TV DC shows better than the DC movies?  You can not throw money at the problems you have on TV because the budget isn’t high enough.  So you have to solve it in the script.  With a budget of 200 million for 2 hours, you feel you can throw money at the problem until it goes away and sometimes it works, for DC right now it isn’t.
Finally TV is far more intimate than Movies, you go out to see a movie.  You invite TV characters into your home and life.

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